Yoga & Breathing

There are many benefits for athletes who regularly include well-guided yoga in their training regime and daily life. Some of the key gains are:

  • overall flexibility and ease of movement
  • core stability
  • structural balance and alignment
  • blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • cellular immune response
  • breathing habits
  • stress behaviours
  • body-mind integration and self-awareness.

Specific yoga postures done with a functional approach can help you to develop optimal range of movement and core stability for your sport. This translates into efficiency, power, endurance and resilience.

Yoga is an ideal rest day activity as it stimulates the neuromuscular pathways without adding extra load and activates the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes relaxation and recovery.

Diaphragmatic breathing, done correctly, can reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress and increase your natural antioxidant activity – this supports a healthy immune response, which is vital for recovery from high load training sessions, as well as injury and illness.

By improving your breathing patterns and fine-tuning your internal awareness of physical sensations and mental thought processes, you can positively change how you respond to discomfort, stress and anxiety. This can be particularly beneficial in ultra-distance events and give you a competitive advantage. Having the ability to reduce your stress response and calm your nervous system while under pressure (or in pain!) assists you to stay positive and focus on doing your best in tough conditions.

Please note that I am no longer providing private yoga sessions on site. All yoga instruction is now carried out via video call (FaceTime, Messenger or Zoom).


Single person:

30 minutes          $50

60 minutes          $80

2 people:

30 minutes          $60

60 minutes          $100

Group sessions for 3 or more people are possible by arrangement.