Triathlon & Endurance Coaching

Whether you’re stepping up to take on your first half marathon or triathlon, or you’re a seasoned endurance athlete seeking to get more out of yourself, I want to help you find your true grit and deliver your best performance on the big day.

I offer personally designed training plans for middle to long distance triathletes, runners and endurance enthusiasts.

Each plan is written with YOU at the centre: it must be well balanced and consider your aspirations, your unique capabilities and characteristics as an athlete, and your lifestyle. This will ensure that you can commit to the training, be consistent and motivated, remain healthy and injury free, and that you relish the journey of getting to the start line.

I will give you simple, practical training guidance based on a mix of proven endurance training methodologies and personal experience. You will receive detailed training prescriptions with specific purposes and aims, designed to build you up to peak fitness and readiness to perform, both physically and mentally, when it counts. Don’t expect me to give you fancy graphs and lots of data analysis – this type of information is very useful but not critical to my approach. A positive attitude and a willingness to push up against your limits is a more potent performance weapon than a power meter when things get ugly – and some days they will.

Optimal race day preparation is a process of trial, error and refinement, not something that magically occurs in your taper. For this reason, your training plan will incorporate physical and mental race preparation strategies throughout, so that you arrive on the start line ready and able to give your all to the event.


$100 start-up fee

  • For new clients only – this covers my initial consultation with you prior to preparing your endurance coaching materials (please allow 60 minutes for this)

Single Sport Performance Plan:

$45 per week – payable weekly (or in 4 weekly instalments of $180)*

Multi-Sport Performance Plan:

$55 per week – payable weekly (or in 4 weekly instalments of $220)*

This weekly fee includes:

  • training plan setup (3 – 12 months depending on key event)
  • weekly training program with prescribed daily sessions
  • weekly one-on-one consultation via phone or video call (up to 30 minutes)
  • race day preparation.

All consultations are carried out via video call (FaceTime, Messenger or Zoom) or phone call.

*All payments must be made in advance to the designated bank account.