Performance Nutrition

Exercise nutrition is a constantly evolving science. Gone are the days where platefuls of meat and pasta were touted as performance foods. We now know that daily eating habits and food choices have varying effects on health and longevity. We are also better understanding the role of gut health on disease processes, mental wellbeing and athletic performance.

Eating the right kind of food, and at the right time, is essential for your fuelling your training, optimising your recovery, and limiting race day gut issues which can sabotage best performance. Just as there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ training plan, an optimal nutritional approach should consider your unique health characteristics beyond just eating for the next exercise session.

My aim is to provide you with personalised nutrition guidance, based upon your individual health status, wellbeing goals and the specific demands of your endurance training/racing. This can include:

  • Improved food choices based on whole foods
  • Body composition health issues and difficulty achieving optimal racing form
  • Fat adaptation dietary strategies
  • Pre-race and race day nutrition strategies
  • Addressing common gut disorders (eg. irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, runners gut)
  • Plant-based diet for athletes
  • Low-carb high-fat diet for athletes
  • Advice on appropriate dietary supplementation
  • General nutritional advice for improving wellbeing and longevity.


Nutrition Consultation Package: $350

  • Initial consultation (allow 60 mins)
  • Personal nutrition guidelines – written format, will be emailed to you within 72 hours
  • 3 x follow-up consultations to ensure guidelines are understood and to assess effectiveness (allow 30 mins)

Package for Grit & Guts coached clients: $280

One-off nutrition consultation: $100

  • 60 minutes – please note that no written materials are provided

All consultations are carried out via video call (FaceTime, Messenger or Zoom) or phone call.