Skipping hand in hand with a gorilla over the 140.6 finish line (repost)

I was honoured to be asked to write a guest post for KAW Tri Boutique (aka Kick Ass Women) to share my triathlon comeback journey.

Why would a yogi decide to do an Ironman when she turned 50?

There’s a short answer: in my early twenties I’d had a fling with triathlon, and loved it, but then adult life happened, and yoga became my plus 1. The idea of one day doing a full Ironman faded into the murky recesses of my mind until my 50th approached. I was bored with myself and my long-term relationship with yoga was way too comfortable. I needed a challenge that could take me somewhere I’d never been before. And there it was – Ironman, a finish line that promises to change you forever.

Then there’s the long answer, and it also begins in my young adulthood.

It all started when I was a young graduate lawyer in the early 1990’s, working under a tyrannical bully of a legal partner. He took great pleasure in giving me tasks I wasn’t skilled to do and then abusing me for my general uselessness. He would scream at me, scratch the pages of my drafted documents with thick red pen crosses, and even bang his head on his desk in disgust. I suspect he was a misogynist too. My workdays were lived in constant fear. I was a shy, sensitive person, without the defences to deal with such constant aggression, and worst of all I wondered if I was indeed as pathetic as he declared. A fellow lawyer was a triathlete, and having loved riding my bike everywhere as a kid, I was drawn to give it a go because it looked like fun. I found it gave me a way to train the pain away. The suffering of pushing myself hard anaesthetized me against him, because my attempts to speak up were ignored. No one seemed to understand – don’t take it personally, it’s just a job, life is tough, just get on with it, they said.

You can read my full story here: Skipping hand in hand with a gorilla over the 140.6 finish line.

Thank you KAW Tri for the opportunity to share my story. Check out their website for apparel at

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